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Dinner & a Show: How the Curtains Have Opened and Closed on America’s Dinner Theaters (NOSH Magazine, 2021) 

The Writer Sharing the Untold Stories of Female Climate Activists (Narratively, 2021)

The Single Father Writing Candidly about Parenthood (Narratively, 2021)

 A Genre-Bending Memoir That Took 10 Years to Take Shape (Narratively, 2021)

Documentary Poetics of Belonging in Divya Victor’s Latest Collection (October Hill Magazine, 2021)

Sound and Silence in Raymond Antrobus’ Award-Winning Poetry Collection (October Hill Magazine,  2021)

Exploring Plural Selves in Taylor Johnson’s Debut Collection (October Hill Magazine, 2021)

Translation and Poetic Conversation  in Yi Lei’s Work (October Hill Magazine, 2021)

An Ode to American Blackness (October Hill Magazine, 2020)  

Nina Katchadourian Makes the Most of this Waiting Time (Whitewall Magazine, 2020)

New York’s Coolest Pop-up Shop, Café Forgot, Launches E-Comm Site (Whitewall Magazine, 2020)

Power Structures, Labor, and More at The Armory Show 2020 (Whitewall Magazine, 2020)

Dining With Ploetz: Food For Thought (Washington Square News, 2019)

The Woman Constructed: Language in Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen and Mary
Post-Partum Document (Confluence, NYU Gallatin’s Online Platform, 2019)

Rebutting the Warped History of ‘Hamilton’ (Washington Square News, 2019)

Glueing the Past Together: An Interview with artist Warren King (Embodied, NYU’s Arts and Culture Magazine, 2019)

The Truly Serious Philosophical Problem (Embodied, NYU’s Arts and Culture Magazine, 2019)

The Hornet Jar (Embodied, NYU’s Arts and Culture Magazine, 2019)

The Future of Reality: A Conversation with Kevin Mack (Embodied, NYU’s Arts and Culture Magazine, 2019) 

Eye of the Storm, Virtual Reality Video Project (NYU Digital Art and New Media  Course, 2018)

The Face of Napoli (Confluence, NYU Gallatin’s Online Platform, 2018)